Worried about unhealthy influences from internet and your child's online safety?

Now get complete peace of mind

Ensure a good night's sleep

Blue light of screens can delay release of melatonin causing restless or incomplete sleep. Shutdown apps at bedtime so that they get good rest and recharge everyday.

Don't lose your mind. Stay Sane!

Don't yell. Don't argue. Just press a button. Parenting need not be stressful and frustrating. Use our tech to take care of the mundane and build a more loveing relationship with your child.

Avoid overuse and addiction

Social media apps are designed to be addictive. Don't let your child fall into that trap. Put daily limits on screen time, browsing, gaming & social media.

Don't let their innocence get ruined

The big badworld of internet can poison the young minds and destroy their potential to grow into a responsible adult. Block inappropriate content on the device without lifting a finger.

Don't be a helicopter mom or dad

Parents worry. And children resent being watched all the time. Get a happy balance with Qubit which shows you what they are using without invading privacy of your child.

Safety First

Physical location can be a big factor in a child's safety. That is why Qubit alerts you when they move in or out of a safe area and tracks them seamlessly.

It has worked for me, it is gonna work for you!

Abhimanyu Singh, celebrated Bollywood and Tamil actor on his experience with Qubit

Actors are busy. Very busy. And they want the absolute best for their child. Watch Abhumanyu Singh talk about his parenting experience.

Watch a working mother recount how Qubit helped in her struggle to manage screen time of her child.

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Product Range & Specifications

Still got some question...

Frequently Asked Quesions

I don't want to buy a new phone. can you install your software on my phone?

Our software is not exactly an app and unlike regular apps it is installed through certain tools in the phone. Currently, we can provide 2 phone models only with our software pre-installed. In future, we may be able to provide services to install it on your existing phone.

I want to gift this phone to someone in usa/uk/singapore/australia. will it work there?

Our product is designed to work anywhere in the world. In fact, parent and child can be in different time zones also.

Can my child install apps and make calls from your phone?

Our phones are fully functional Android smartphones and all functionality including calling, Play Store etc is available. Any app will work on the phone as long as parents allow it.

Android / iOS has in-built screen time controls. why do i need something else?

The controls built into Android & iOS are very basic and do not cover all existing and evolving parenting needs. Our product is designed with kids and parents in mind and covers a very wide variety of requirements. For example - parents can ring our phone even when it is on silent or vibrate mode.

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